Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trump vs. Hillary

Polls have these 2 close right now. That's bad news for Trump. Why? Because he just finished his convention and his big speech. Historically, that's when a candidate polls best. That means Trump's best is tied with Hillary when she should be at her worst.

We'll see what happens after Hillary wraps up the DNC but I expect Hillary to win in November because immigrants remain the largest block of swing voters and they're going to turn out in record numbers because Trump scares them.

Here's the difference this block of swing voters can make:
In 2004 immigrants swung big for Bush because he fought for them.
In 2012 immigrants swung against Romney because he scared them.
Bush won. Romney lost. That's why I suspect the electoral map will look almost identical to 2012.

Could Trump win? Maybe. All he has going for him is celebrity - but that's big in politics. People vote for celebrities because they feel they know the person. A celebrity represents someone outside of politics to change the system. Look at Arnold in California or Jesse Ventura in Minnesota. Neither had political experience and both won - because they were celebrities.

No one acting the way Trump acts or saying the things Trump says should have ever won a major party nomination. But he did. That's the power of fame. Will it be enough in November? I don't think so.

Too many Republicans are likely to stay home or vote Libertarian. Trump's name will pull him some swing voters but again, immigrants and their friends are going to turn out in record numbers to vote against Trump.

Swing voters carry swing states. Swing states win elections.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love or Lust?

Can you tell the difference between love and lust? Probably not. Many of us tell ourselves we know the difference, but we can often only identify the contrast when we see it in others.

When it comes to our own emotions, passions become so powerful that they blind us. Here are few guidelines that I could have used when I was in lust:

1.) Does the relationship make you more responsible or less responsible? If more, then you've probably found love. If less, then you've probably found lust.

2.) Does the relationship create trust or jealously? If trust is being developed, then you've got love. If jealously is ruling your heart, then you've got lust.

3.) Do you get sexually satisfied and want to stay - or leave? This seems obvious, but if you only want be with a person if you're getting satisfied, then it's selfish lust. If you want to stay with that person even when things get rough, then you've found enduring love.

Ladies, "You can't sleep your way into a guys heart." A wise woman once said.

Guys, the most sexually satisfying relationship you'll ever have will be with the woman you spend the rest of your life with. Because you'll develop an intimacy with each other that can only come with time and growing together.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Significance of Marriage

For those who are married, you know that your spouse is probably the most frustrating person in the world. But at the same time, they are the most important person in the world. They are the source of more anger in your life than anyone else, but also the source of more love than anyone else.

We often vow "til death do us part". Yet almost half of us don't end up taking that seriously. The Biblical reason for divorce is infidelity. Christ said that was given for the "hardness of our hearts", but God did not intend for us to ever get divorced.

Why is it so important to stay with the person who frustrates and angers you more than anyone else in the world? Because that is how we learn unconditional love - and forgiveness.

Marriage is supposed to prove that our love is stronger than the angry words, the insults, the faults, the blemishes, the sin and everything else that comes with our spouses. And at the end of the day we are to forgive our spouse as Christ forgave us.

That is why marriage is so important. That is why our vows are supposed to bind us until we meet our Father in Heaven.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Death of Republican Party?

Pete Wilson was a very successful Republican politician from California. He won 2 terms as governor, and 2 as senator before that. But in 1994 Wilson and many other California Republicans pushed for Proposition 187 which sought to end public services to undocumented immigrants.

Though the measure was supported by some Democrats as well, and passed overwhelming with 59%, it would become a wound from which California Republicans have never recovered. Why?

It galvanized immigrant communities, especially Hispanics and Asians, against the Republican party. Since 1994 only Arnold Schwarzenegger has won statewide as a Republican - and Arnold is a very left leaning Republican with huge name recognition and also married to a Kennedy Democrat.

In other words: the Republican Party is virtually dead in California. Unless national Republicans want to experience this same fate, I suggest they embrace amnesty for immigrant communities - and fast.

Ronald Reagan was very friendly toward immigrants and even signed Amnesty in 1986. He remains the most popular president of recent history. That's a good example to follow.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Why Mitt Romney Lost

Since everything under the sun has already been said, I'm reluctant to write this but I need to get it off my chest. How did a man as articulate as Romney lose, while the inarticulate Bush won? I'll focus on the most salient reasons Romney lost:

1.) Lack of passion. Passion persuades. Passion energizes and inspires. Passion mobilizes. Romney did none of these. I still don't know what Romney was passionate about - and neither does the rest of the country.
2.) Immigrants. Immigrant communities have become the largest block of swing voters. Romney lost Hispanics and Asians in record amounts. Why? Because his harsh rhetoric in the primaries scared them. I can't blame them to be honest.

And that's about it. Did his Mormon faith hurt him? Yes. Some people simply won't vote for a Mormon. But most people felt like me: I didn't want to vote for him because he had no passion for big issues - and I was worried he'd fight for the wrong issues, like he did in Massachusetts.

And while were at it, can we please kill the mythology surrounding "electability"? Romney was supposed to be the most "electable" and he lost big when he should have won in a landslide. Pick the candidates who fight for what's right and fight with passion and they'll win.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Basically the Same"

I've often heard - and even said myself - that all religions are "basically the same". Even many Christians share this viewpoint. But if Christ was who He said He was, then the difference between His religion and the rest... is infinite.

While other religions and their followers have found much wisdom and truth in their search for something greater than themselves, they are still infinitely short of the Wisdom and Truth delivered through Christ.

Judaism has Mosaic Law, Islam has Sharia Law, Hinduism has the caste system. Buddhism and Confucianism don't even have God - and are often mistaken as "philosophies" by Westerners for this reason. Though Buddha was enlightened and Confucius was wise, and Moses and Mohammed were great military and political leaders, none approach the impact of Christ on our world.

Look at the impact of Christianity on the world:
1.) Christians were the first to end slavery.
2.) Christians were the first to give women equal rights.
3.) Christians were the first to build hospitals around the world.
4.) Christians were the first to open their hospitals to all.
5.) Christians were the first to start orphanages.
6.) Christians were the first to start adoption (as we understand it).
7.) Christians founded physics, chemistry and biology.
8.) Christians created the university system used by the world.
9.) Christians preserved our knowledge of antiquity (though so did others).
10.) Christian charity not only turned the ancient world upside down, it is also remains unrivaled by any other culture or religion across the world: Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, YMCA and on and on and on.

But didn't Christians also fight to keep slavery and against women's rights and against science and burn libraries and do other horrible things? Yes. That is human nature, and sadly many Christians have failed to rise above it.

Yet this only exemplifies Christianity even more. Christians inherited slavery and female subjugation. Christianity was born into a world where unwanted babies were discarded, where the sick and lame were often left to die. Every culture has burned and destroyed knowledge of those they conquered. Every culture has fought against science and ideas it disliked - often torturing those who held contrary ideas. Every culture embraced slavery and female subjugation. Many still do. And most of the those cultures fought to keep slavery when Christians said no more.

Only in Christianity do you see the relentless fight against wrong. Why? Because that is what Christ did. He is who we follow. His spirit continues to power the passion to right injustice wherever it is found.

Do all Christians live up to this standard? No. Do Christians always fight iniquity when they should, as Christ did. No, He was perfect, we are fallible. Yet wherever His followers go, His spirit will persevere... and prove how infinitely greater His religion is.

Questions for "Pro-Choice" Politicians

Sadly, there is a deafening silence among journalists toward those who fight to take life from the most innocent among us. Every "pro-choice" candidate should be asked these questions:

1.) You were born. Why don't all babies deserve that right?
2.) When does a baby gain protection under the law?
3.) You say there should be fewer abortions. What restrictions do you favor? And if we want fewer abortions, then how is abortion a cause worth fighting for?
4.) Should minors have to get parental consent for an abortion?
5.) Should abortions based on gender be legal?
6.) Most babies diagnosed with a handicap like Down Syndrome are aborted. Is this acceptable?
7.) Most abortion clinics are in low-income, minority neighborhoods. Is this acceptable?
8.) Should employers be forced to insure abortions and/or contraceptions?
9.) Should tax dollars continue to fund groups who perform abortions?
10.) Why should a child born at 7 months receive protection under the law while a child at 7 months in the womb can be aborted?
11.) If someone takes the life of a pregnant woman, should they be charged with 2 crimes? If so, how is that different than abortion?
12.) You favor "choice" for women to abort their unborn child. Why don't you support school choice/gun choice/ choice to shop at Wal-Mart, etc.?

Inspired and borrowed from here.